Maybe you have been avoiding writing to your fan email list. It could be 5 people or 5000 people. The number doesn’t really matter because these are people who chose to stay connected with you. What I’ve been noticing with my Accelerator students is that they have lost communication with their email list. If you lost connection for a while, it tends to become uncomfortable and shameful.

Let’s talk about three reasons why artists tend to avoid your fan email list for some time. If you have a hard time staying consistent, this is for you.

1. You believe that your list is so small that it doesn’t matter. There are not enough people on the list to make it worth writing to them.

For example, you have a small list of 19 people. If you are at a concert, will you ignore them? You can create a really intimate feel with this small group. You have the privilege of getting them engaged to the point that they become your biggest promoters and biggest fans.

2. You feel like you don’t want to bother them.

This comes up a lot from my students. You don’t want to be spammy. However, think about it. They signed up to connect with you and hear from you. They took an action and you need to reciprocate.

Depending on what size your list is, I recommend you communicate with them at least twice a month. Otherwise, they might forget why they signed up.

3. You feel that you don’t have anything going on and you don’t know what to say.

Maybe you’ve subscribed to emails from department stores or shops. All they ever do is send you coupons. It’s exhausting. You cannot develop a deeper connection or relationship with those brands with those promos. It gets relentless. You really need to have those downtimes where you are not promoting anything. This is taking the time to tell stories, and talk about things about your life that they can relate to like funny stories from tour. These are the things that can develop relationships. Talking about everyday things and things around your music can cause curiosity and help even non-musicians understand your process. When it’s time to promote something, they’re more likely to buy from you since they feel connected with you.

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