Kirsti Manna’s songwriting camp empowers women and girls to find their creative voice. Not only did her 6 week #1 hit “Austin” introduce Blake Shelton to country music, but Kirsti also has an interesting history in acting where she had a TV show called Kirsti’s Manor.

Kirsti has been gracious enough to offer a ticket to her songwriting camp, Songwriter Camp for Girls, this June 24th and 25th to a lucky winner from my audience. To win, visit Sharing the love with other female musicians will give you extra entries so make sure you tell your friends about this amazing opportunity!

songwriting camp

3 Kinds of Artistssongwriting camp

  • Artists that get too far up in their own heads and never come back out again
  • Artists that stop after they get criticized
  • Artists that take criticism with a grain of salt and move forward

Revenue Streams

  • Music Publishing
  • Live Performances
  • Songwriter Camps
  • Speaking Engagements – Signature Concert/Keynote on Creative Couragesongwriting camp

Advice to Artists

  • Think about your hook, and what makes you unique as an artist
  • Learn from other artists, but don’t compare yourself to them
  • Work with people that are a good fit for you
  • Be clear on what you want to accomplish
  • Understand the music publishing business

Songwriting Camp for Girlssongwriting camp

  • Creating a space for women only to share their ideas freely
  • Covering aspects of the music business as well as songwriting
  • Bringing in panelists and industry pros
  • Hosting monthly community building mixers

If you’d like to win a FREE ticket to Songwriter Camp for Girls on June 24th and 25th, visit Don’t forget to get more entries by sharing with other female musicians. Good luck!

Connect With:

@songwritergirl1 on Instagram and Twitter



Resources and Books

The Business of Music – Donald Passman

Creative Visualizatioin – Shakti Gawain

The Magic – Rhonda Burn


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