I can’t say enough about Indie music house concerts. As an independent musician, there is no better way to engage with your audience, meet new fans and be creative in your set and sound. If you want to hear more about how you can be profitable performing at house concerts, click the button below to get $50 off my most popular course, The Profitable House Concerts Course.

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Why indie music houses concert are a better (and more profitable) choice than the traditional venue.

  • People are there to see you, people come specifically for you
  • Engage with your audience
  • Host is promoting you specifically
  • It’s not a “pay to play” thing
  • More freeing- you don’t have to follow rules of a venue
  • You don’t have to split the door
  • You don’t need a ton of gear, you can play acoustic, or just you and your instrument, which also cuts down on set-up time
  • You don’t have to cater to the sound person
  • You don’t need a band
  • The audience can see you up close and watch you play your instrument, you can show them how your instrument works
  • Some genres are just better in house concerts (celtic, historical)
  • Meet and greet with the audience, you can weave the info you learn about them into your set
  • The audience feels like they’re part of the show
  • If you like to tell stories (about why you wrote a song, etc), it’s the perfect setting. Audience can laugh and ask questions
  • You can get immediate feedback by seeing the audience’s faces, reactions
  • Most of all, if you like laid back and fun events, this is perfect for you!

As you can see, indie music house concerts are a great form of promotion Don’t forget to take advantage of the $50 off coupon by clicking the button below to join The Profitable House Concerts Course. House concerts can be a fun and profitable way to share your music with your audience.

join the course to learn more about Bandzoogle and musician websites.


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