This week I met up with social justice advocate and singer/songwriter, Malynda Hale. We went over social media for musicians where she gave us some great advice on how to leverage social media to enhance music careers.

social media for musicians

Advice to Struggling Musicians

  • You have to find the good in the bad
  • Facing challenges makes you figure out how badly you want it
  • Challenges help you figure out who you are as an artist
  • Learn to ask for help
  • Find your community

social media for musicians

Leveraging Awards & an Acting Career to Promote Her Music

  • Offering her music to independent films she’s worked on
  • Uses other creative outlets to drive people back to her music
  • Awards have given her credibility with booking venues
  • Appreciating recognition from your peers

Advice from a Social Media Influencer

  • Social media for musicians is essential
  • Every social media platform has different rules
  • Share personal things, not just your music
  • Get involved in conversations about trending topics
  • Use relevant hashtags

social media for mnusicians

Activism and Music

  • Writing a song about an issue is more productive than getting in a social media battle about the issue
  • Writing songs around subjects she’s passionate about gets people to listen
  • Music is universal and people can relate to it
  • Reaction to her songs has been very positive