Are you an artist who has tons of great music ideas but has trouble figuring out a plan for them or suffers from overwhelm?

There’s a misconception that having a bunch of great music ideas and actually following through on all of them can be a shortcut to career success. In reality, having too many ideas is actually stopping your music career in its tracks, stealing your time, dividing your focus and keeping you stuck and broke. In this video, I share a process I teach my Academy members, so they can create clarity and maintain momentum in their music career.

Your Own Music Ideas

  • Make sure you’re focusing on particular areas, goals and projects
  • Too many ideas can pull you off course
  • Leads to feeling overwhelmed and frustrated
  • Harness your own ideas

Other musicians Ideas

  • You want to do what other musicians are doing
  • Dooms what you are already doing
  • Could be adopting something that might not work for you
  • They could be in a different stage of their music career
  • Can still learn from other artists but decide if it fits into your current goals and plan

Create an inspiration vault

  • A place to keep ideas for safekeeping until you are ready to implement
  • Use something you can access easily (Evernote, Google docs, etc)
  • Write ideas down right when they come to you
  • You can look at your vault when it’s time to work on your goals for the next 90 days

Are you overwhelmed? Check out my SMART Goals workbook, which will help you condense all the great ideas you have into 5 goals and create a plan to achieve them in 90 days. Click here to grab your copy.