Global Co-Chair of Membership for Women In Music, Cassandra Kubinski, shares her tips and tricks on how to start a music career and how she stays grounded in her life.

For musicians wondering how to start a music career, Cassandra Kubinksi brings tons of knowledge to the table. As a Profitable Musician Summit guest, back in May, Cassandra talked about crowdfunding.

She is focused on helping women in music and shares some great insight on a time when she wanted to quit pursuing her music career. Next she shares what she did to turn that around.

As a singer/songwriter, Cassandra has released 6 albums, including Holiday Magic and Onward and has recorded and performed alongside Goo Goo Dolls, 1o,ooo Maniacs, Lady Gaga and more. She is also  a certified yoga instructor and uses her yoga practice to ground her and keep her aligned in her music career.

how to start a music career

How to Start A Music Career: Overcoming Struggles

  • Put structures and practices in place to help keep grounded in a rounded lifemusician stay grounded
  • Opened herself to spiritual guidance to determine her next step when everything else was falling apart
  • Made a list of projects that were the most fun, where she made the most money, and looked at where those intersected to determine next steps
  • Discovered that she enjoyed doing more jingle and voice over work
  • Success doesn’t necessarily look the way you thought it would
  • Back off and listen internally to what the right moves are for your career instead of pounding on what you think you’re “supposed” to be doing.

How To Start A Music Career By Selecting Music Projects to Pursuewhat lights me up

  • Projects she was excited to work on
  • People she was excited to work with
  • Potential results
  • Listen to your gut when choosing collaboration partners and people you hire
  • Do the work that lights you up

PR and publicity

  • Set a timer to two minutes to craft your own clear and compelling pitch
  • Ask for what you want
  • “If you’re willing to put in the time and energy to formulate a compelling and professional approach,  you can approach those outlets (media) yourself. You don’t have to go through a third party.”build a music career
  • Most times we’ve already decided that someone will tell us “no” so that we can be right.
  • We’re actually scared of what’s going to happen when people say “yes”.
  • Mentally prepare yourself for someone to say “yes.”

Crowd Funding Tips

  • Make your crowd fund about exclusive access
  • People want a behind the scenes look at your creative process
  • Don’t expect social media to do the work for you
  • Do reach out personally to people to be involved in your project
  • Read Crowdstart by Ariel Hyatt

Women in Music

  • Global Co-Chair of Membership for Women In Music
  • You need to value your talent. This is an internal shift.
  • Creating conversations around #breakyourboundaries


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