Balancing motherhood, a day job and a thriving music career is what we’ll be discussing in this episode. After getting her start on NBC’s The Voice, Michelle Brooks-Thompson has taken the momentum she gathered on the show and built it into a thriving music career that she skillfully balances with being a mother of 3 and a day job she loves working at a bank.

When Michelle’s mom was pregnant with her, she was a singer and every time she was recording in the studio, Michelle would always dance in her womb. Since her mom recognized her talent very early on, she made sure that talent was developed. At 10 years old, she was already performing with her sister in her mom’s band. It was in a Gospel trio that travelled in different locations and services.

Michelle did not want to pursue music when she went into college. She was in the music ministry until she was 22. She took up pre-med for all four years. Everywhere she went, she was surrounded by music. She woke up one morning and decided she wanted to pursue music. Even though she was from a musical family, they still questioned her passion and that is mainly because of where the industry took her other family members before her. Her mom, dad and aunts were hooked into drugs. She was raised by her grandparents since she was two weeks old because her parents had drug addiction and had to go into rehab. Growing up seeing the kind of life her mom had, having no back up plans and all, she always had a mindset that she wanted to have a stable life, solid foundation and make wise decisions.

She and her husband got married in college and he was always there to support her while she pursued music. A talent scout contacted her and recommended her for The Voice. She had some hesitation since she already auditioned for several reality TV shows before. Eventually she kicked it in as much as she could. Sometimes, we try so hard and it doesn’t work out then all of a sudden it comes. She made it right before the knock out rounds and unfortunately Adam felt he had to keep a person he could coach more.

Michelle has developed fans from The Voice. One of the things producers told them during sessions is that you don’t need to win The Voice. It’s really what you do with the platform after you win the show. Either you go home after the show and do nothing or maximize the exposure in the platform. That’s when she knew that she will use that platform and build on it, and that’s what she has been doing since the show.

The Voice has a therapist making sure that you’re alright especially after the elimination and asking her how she was feeling about it. She said that time that she was alright. She knew that her time in The Voice is done, but that doesn’t mean that her career, her life or her destiny is over. She understood that whenever a talent scout sees her, it was working for her for an appointed time.

Michelle has a job, is a mom, and is pursuing her music career. With balancing motherhood, it helps that she gets all the support and encouragement she needs from her husband as well as her 13-year old twins. The job she works for was also very supportive.

She has been singing at arenas for 10 years and one thing she loves is the fans. They have a lot of energy. When she gets the chance to bring her twins and her son, she does it but she does have a support system who can babysit for her if the place is not conducive for children.

Sometimes, you feel that it’s difficult to pursue it all at the same time but it’s so important to also teach your kids that you are pursuing your dream and your passion. That way, they will learn to also do that for their own lives.

We are featuring Michelle’s song, “Woman First” on our Celebrating Motherhood Series. It comes out of her personal experience. This song is an anthem for all women, whatever your walk is in life. We’re doing so many things as women and this song captures that — balancing motherhood. Check out her song on

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