I did a similar episode back in 2015 and I’ve gotten a number of feedbacks from artists who were really glad they followed my advice and released their holiday CDs. I thought it was time to have an update about this in relation to the present time. Since we are in September, I want to give you 10 reasons why you should consider releasing an album, a single or an EP this year.

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Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Do a Holiday EP in 2020:

#1 – 2020 needs a little bright spot.

Terrible things have happened and is still happening this year. With a holiday release, you can allow yourself and other people to take your minds off all these things and give you joy.

#2 – You can do this from home.

In 2011, I recorded my whole album at home for 2 months and got it out for Christmas so I know this can be done. During this time, we’re already home so why not use that to create an album? You have more time to do this now and technology is cheaper nowadays. You can either do this on your own or find someone you trust who has a home studio and can help. 

#3 – Holiday music is much easier to record especially if you’re doing some cover songs.

I found an arrangement for one of the songs I included in my album for $60 online.

#4 – You can create a fun event around your release.

Some places are opening up for events so there may be some opportunities for you do some events during the holidays. If not, you can do an online release party and the good thing is people are much used to these types of online events by now.

#5 – Spotify allows you to get free promotion. Having holiday music on Spotify allows you to get more followers through this platform.

#6 – Having followers allows Spotify to promote all your music to these people. You can then also find some Spotify playlists to get your songs featured on. 

#7 – Holiday CDs make such great gifts.

#8 – It’s great to invest in holiday merch.

Since people have not seen them for some time, holiday merch always seem new. It never feels old and always seems fresh.

#9 – Holiday music can help you create a new program that you can pitch.

I created a program when I released my album, “Gift Beneath the Star”. People are always looking for programs during the holidays to use for their events. The program makes it more interesting when you pitch it to people.

#10 – Holiday songs are a fresh new way to promote yourself every year.

Holiday music is almost always new news every single year unlike other songs or releases which eventually feels tired and old after some point.


I hope you guys take my advice and do this. We will be having our Holiday Series on the Women of Substance Podcast as we do every year. We’ll be taking original song submissions this year between October 1st and November 10th, 2020. We would love to consider your songs for the show.

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Link mentioned in this episode: rockyournextrelease.com