I interview Music PR professional and creator of online music blog, Infectious Magazine, Angela Mastrogiacomo. We discuss creating music branding strategies through developing a clear message and inserting authentic personality into the music and performing of Indie artists.


Creating Infectious Online Magazine


  • Starting a music blog
  • Providing opportunity for exposure to up & coming bands
  • Turning her labor of love into a business









Muddy Paw PR

  • Using her blog experiences and contacts to start her business
  • Bringing a creative approach to build your business
  • Pushing beyond your comfort zone to achieve growth



Music Branding 101:Clarify Your Mission & Message


  • Helping artists be authentic is part of music branding
  • Determining an artist’s message will help clarify their music branding
  • Communicating the artist’s message clearly to solidify music branding
  • Including your personality is key to your music brand

Mentors & Challenges


  •  Letting go of what she thought her business was supposed to look like
  • Having mentors that didn’t know they were mentors
  • Drawing inspiration from other PR firms she admires

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