Do You Need A Manager Or A Mentor with Rosabelle Eales

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How To Write More Songs & Fuel Your Muse with Beth Matthew, Cayla Brooke, Carol Nicodemi & Michelle Shafer

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The Biggest Catalyst In My Music Career with Bree Noble

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70% Perfect Is The Goal with Bree Noble

Today I’m talking about how perfectionism is slowing us down and keeping us from the important lessons we need to learn. 70% perfect is perfect and 100% perfect is failure because then you’re missing all the gold in that other... Read More

How To License Beats Online And Make A Living Doing What You Love With Breana Marin

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Navigating Health Challenges & A Music Career With Bree Noble

I know many listeners are struggling with health issues, especially now. You may think this means you can’t have a career in music. I am here to tell you that isn’t true. I did it and so can you. It... Read More

Financial Planning For Musicians: Cash Flow, Tax Deductions, Retirement & More with Lindy Venustus

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Finding Music Freelance Jobs Online with Nick Voorhees from Melody Nest

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Keeping A Spirit Of Peace In Your Music Career & Life with Beth Matthew & Cayla Brooke

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How To Get Superfans To Support Your Music Career with Alarke

Alarke (Mary Alouette) talks about how to get superfans and how to be clear and direct with your fans in asking for what you need. She shares how her fans have shown up for her when she needed them most... Read More